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Steel Craft employs Laser Cutting Systems equipped with State-of-the-Art Material Handling Systems.  The systems are “Lights Out” capable and cut both ferrous and non ferrous materials, up to 1” carbon steel.


  • Quickly and efficiently produces high quality parts out of a variety of raw material.
  • Use FMS and "Lights Out" capability maximizes turnaround, lowers your costs and speeds production of your parts.
  • Reduction in non value added material handling costs saves you money.
  • Use of dynamic nesting software allows maximum material utilization, minimizing scrap and reducing part cost.
  • Cut material with minimal Dross and Kerf minimizes or eliminates the need for post process finishing, further reducing non value added costs.

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  • Complex Weldments
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  • In-House Fabrication
  • Finishing

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