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Steel Craft's Adige LaserTube system allows us to offer unmatched flexibility and quick turnaround. This state of the art system reduces multiple operations to one automated solution and is capable of taking a design from Cad/Cam to finished part in just 15 minutes.

Fully automated, including material loading and unloading, we can cut any shape along tube length/sidewall and profile any shape on tube ends with no hard tooling.



  • Save time and production costs by reducing - cutting to length, punching, notching, drilling, machining and deburring to a Single operation.
  • Lasering tabs and slots, reduces dimension error, insures parts will fit, reducing fixture and assembly costs.
  • Rapid prototyping, shorter lead times, faster to market.
  • Scrap saver and nesting ability reduces material waste, further saving you money.
  • No hard tooling costs, dramatically reduced labor costs.
  • Eliminates non value added material handling and post process costs.



  • Round Tube diameter 0.4 to 6.0 (10mm to 152mm)
  • Square Tube 0.4" to 4.7" (10mm to 120mm)
  • Rectangular and Flat Oval which fits inside 6.0"/170mm circle, side dim from 0.4" to 6.0" (10mm to 152mm)
  • 10.1 lbs/ft or 220 lbs per tube (15Kg/m, 100Kg/tube)
  • Automated bundle loader/unloader can handle 8,800lbs (4,000Kg) of raw material


  • Min 10.5' (3200mm)/Max 21.0' (6500mm)


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