Rapid Prototyping

In days rather than weeks, our rapid prototyping service enable us to verify designs to ensure project accuracy—giving you a physical component that you can touch and test in assembly. With rapid prototyping, you’ll know earlier in the manufacturing process if a part will work for your application. If it works and does the job? Then we dive into production to create your solution.

/ Advantages /

Access to five prototyping systems: stereolithography (SLA), laminated object manufacturing (LOM), selective laser sintering (SLS), fused deposition modeling (FDM), Z-Corp processing.

We can laser scan any object and reproduce it via rapid prototyping

Our computer-based manufacturing techniques and processes reduce the time and cost of industrial products ranging from functional models to full-scale production.

We can make a finished item out of various densities to verify it under desired test loads.

Troublesome part? Rapid prototyping allow us to tweak, create a sample, and test (and repeat if necessary) before running into production.

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