Tube Laser

Offering unmatched flexibility and turnaround times, our state-of-the-art Adige LaserTube system precisely cuts tubes and pipes of various types into whatever configuration you’re looking for—a fully automated, all-in-one cutting solution that can take a design from file to finished part in less than an hour.

/ Advantages /

Cut to length, punch, notch, drill, machine and deburr all within a single operation, saving time and production costs.

Our laser cutting tabs and slots reduce dimension error, guarantee part fit, and decrease fixture and assembly costs.

Rapid prototyping delivers shorter lead times that enable you to get to market faster than ever before.

Our scrap saver and nesting ability reduces material waste to save on costs

Fully automated, including material loading and unloading (handles up to 8,800lbs of raw material), with no hard tooling costs.

Cuts round, square, rectangular, and flat oval tubes, from a minimum of 10.5' to 21'

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