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VOC + Collaboration + NPI Launch = Steel Craft Corporation Delivered Value

Delivering Value:

Voice of the Customer (VOC) – At Steel Craft Corporation our service begins through active listening and understanding your product needs, timelines, cost considerations and product life cycle.

Collaboration – Our engineering and manufacturing experts take your vision, your CAD model, your drawing, and/or your product sample and make it reality. Our foundational success is achieved through understand of our customer’s application needs and expectations. By collaborating with your engineering and purchasing team, Steel Craft Corporation offers the best manufacturing strategy to achieve the highest quality lowest total cost product solution, delivered when you need it each and every time.

In support of product collaboration activities, Steel Craft Corporation offers design for manufacturing (DFM) to its clients. We are able to interpret your design or build a design through various CAD software systems including Solid Works, Pro-Engineer and AutoCAD. Using an engineering based process matrix our engineering team will identify cost reductions opportunities and offer design enhancements, allowing cost improvements to be identified and captured. Concurrent to design collaboration and cost modeling, the Steel Craft Corporation engineering team is laying the internal groundwork for the New Product Introduction (NPI) launch.

NPI Process – understanding of the application requirements obtained in the collaboration process allows our engineering staff to ensure fast and effective NPI or New Product introduction to our manufacturing facility.  Customers are supported with “dedicated” support teams that include engineering, estimating, customer service, quality and manufacturing personnel. These dedicated resources are supported through our “Lean” manufacturing Flow Cells ensure product and process consistency for quality and delivery. These focused dedicated teams reduce your time to market as your product concepts are firmed to launched designs.

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