High Speed Punch

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High Speed NC Punch technology offers clients punching, forming, rolling, marking, embossing and tapping capabilities from a single, highly efficient piece of equipment. Using a variety of standard and custom tools, this machine technology can punch an endless array of geometry.

Custom perforation panel applications, tread plate, embossed and tapped holes are all possible with a single set-up and material load handling systems feed raw materials in and finished parts out with a minimal amount of direct labor employed. Roller tools utilized with 360 degree tool rotation flexibility allow for custom emboss features to be put into just about any contour. Specialty tools for deburring and cluster punching can reduce secondary operations and reduce machine cycle time.

Speed and flexibility make this technology a cost effective solution for creating custom metal components built to meet your product specifications.


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  • Complex Weldments
  • Assembly
  • In-House Fabrication
  • Finishing

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